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Data Migration using SS/G Loader

SS/G comes with a policy/contract data loader based on an Extract, Transformation and Load model (ETL). The SS/G Loader uses the Production SS/G components to load external legacy data sources through a standard published interface. This accelerates and significantly shortens the integration project whilst minimising the risk by using proven components to load and validate data.

Whilst the nature of every migration project is heavily dependent on the character of the old system, we have developed a range of standard software tools and techniques aimed at building valid SS/G data structures from legacy data.

Legacy Data Analysis

In terms of the overall Data Migration project, a number of different approaches are possible. Our preferred approach is to work with client staff familiar with the data structures and individualities of the old system(s) being replaced, forming one integrated team with our own staff who will be familiar with the new. A major aspect of the work here is to analyse the features of the legacy system products and their frequency of occurrence. Then for each feature, we will define how it will be represented and any related processes to be systematised in the new. 

Significant Cost Savings

Although the data migration work involved is of a very detailed and complex character, the benefits of replacing multiple legacy systems with SS/G are fully achievable. One such project undertaken saw us successfully consolidate twenty systems into one. Such data migration projects, dispensing with the costs of maintaining and running multiple systems, can often be the biggest area of cost savings that a client company can make.