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Our thorough understanding of the Life and Pensions industry allows us to meet your specific business needs

Training to match your needs

There are two facets to the training we offer. Firstly, there is the training for your senior staff to control the configurability of SS/G. This can often be best achieved through 'on the job training'. During development phase our preferred approach is to work collaboratively with mixed cross skilled teams.

Secondly, there is the training required for end-users to use the system facilities effectively on a day-to-day basis.


It is our first priority that our clients should have complete control over their propositions, products and processes. The vast majority of the changes you will need to make to SS/G in live operation can be implemented by your own staff through the wide range of configurability options that we provide. Examples here include the Product Rules Engine which determines the structure of products and the Process Rules Engine which determines the structure of processes. These are very powerful capabilities and it is crucial that your Senior Line Managers, Process Specialists and Product Designers are fully trained in their use.

The aim of our Configurability Training Programme (CCTP) is to equip you to take full advantage of the facilities offered by SS/G and control your system.

End-User Training

Our User Training Programme (UTP) can either be used to train end-users directly, or our preferred option which is to use this programme to train your trainers, thereby equipping them to conduct this crucial aspect themselves.