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Components can be used on their own or as part of a complete solution for total flexibility


SS/G - The Self-Serve Generation Solution

At TCP LifeSystems we develop software solutions that give your business all the tools necessary to meet the challenges and demands of today’s Financial Services market. Whether you are re-engineering an existing business or entering a new market, you need to react quickly to changing market conditions and customer demands. SS/G offers a modern, comprehensive and flexible solution that configures to meet your unique needs, business processes and workflows.

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New Business

SS/G New Business is an innovative solution to drive your business conversion rates higher in today's ever changing marketplace. Whatever tomorrow's Life and Pensions Insurance market may bring, SS/G New Business is an the ideal fulfilment platform.

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We offer a complete internet based solution for the modern Life and Pensions Insurance industry. With a central account to deliver a single view of your client, you have the flexibility to choose how to service them.

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We offer a different kind of underwriting solution that places risk, not just assesses it. By placing the customer at the heart of the journey, you deliver a better customer experience, greater customer choice and increase business conversions.

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The Accounts Manager module provides you with all the accounting facilities and features you need to support and control the administration of Life, Pensions, Investment and Health Insurance business for individuals and group processing.

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Agency & Commissions

This platform has been designed to address the many regulatory and customer demand changes of the Life, Pensions, Investment and Health Insurance market. It also manages complex agency hierarchies and distribution remuneration systems.

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The SS/G Claims component automates the processing and payment of claims for all of your products using a simple, unified system for quick and efficient assessment and benefits payment.

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This platform is designed to support many kinds of investment models, offering complete flexibility and control. The Self-Serve facilities allow clients to carry out their own fund switches, investment redirections and to request withdrawals.

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Reinsurance treaties can be configured within SS/G to automate the calculation of reinsurance premiums and the processing of the associated payments and reclaims. The Reinsurance component is also supported by a comprehensive suite of management information.

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Work Manager

SS/G Work Manager handles all interactions with the user that cannot be automated. This includes notifications to the user for actions and chasers (typically correspondence), that can be automatically invoked.

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We believe SS/G is the most configurable Life and Pensions Insurance package on the market. Our platform is designed to address the many regulatory and customer demand changes of the Life Investment and Health Insurance market and manage complex agency hierarchies and distribution remuneration systems.

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