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Components can be used on their own or as part of a complete solution for total flexibility


Unlike traditional systems, the SS/G expert Underwriting Module will integrate with any modern New Business processing solution. It has been designed to support multiple underwriting philosophies with a high degree of configurability to support any combination of deployment methods.

It also supports reflexive questioning with questions aggregated across all benefits selected for a given life assured.

Questions can be flexed by benefit, adviser type and the life assured's own specific attributes (gender, age, etc).

This module outputs data on automated ratings and exclusions to be applied, whilst allowing an adviser to construct their own set of revised terms at point-of-sale to best suit their client's specific needs - provided always that they are within the constraints of the original underwriting decision. This includes the ability to Buy Now, Support Increased Cover, Offer Alternative Terms and/or Additional Benefits - all within the prescribed underwriting limits.

This client-facing functionality is also fully supported by an Underwriters' workbench, which allows the head office underwriting function to monitor and control all underwriting operations and to become involved in specific cases when required. Using information already gathered, the workbench provides automated scripting capabilities to facilitate 'little t' tele-underwriting, or the request of medical information as determined by the underwriting philosophy.

We have a knowledge base of some 50,000 underwriting rules which we can supply if required. This knowledge base has been developed by us in conjunction with a leading Underwriting consultancy and aims to provide automated acceptance decisions for over 75% of cases.

The Underwriter's workbench also provides rules configuration, a full testing and audit capability and management information.